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Analytics Essentials for Automated Emails

This guide makes it fast and easy to understand how analytics and metrics can help you boost your revenues!

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More Revenue from Emails:

Analytics Essentials for Automated Emails


Read this PDF Guide to learn:

the two key benefits of using analytics in your business, these two benefits help you maximize your investment in automated email;

why using analytics to increase your revenues is easier than getting more people on your list;

how the OperationsAlly actionable metrics connect your email decisions to revenues; and,

how the OperationsAlly approach goes beyond standard analytics to supercharge your results!

Use Email Analytics to Boost Your Revenues

When you understand your Email Analytics, you'll know what you need to do to improve your emails.

When you have better emails, your contacts will buy more of your products and services! Yay!

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Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Belah Rose

Owner, Delight Your Marriage

“Working with Ada led to my best course launch ever. I made over 10x of my next biggest launch! She was amazing with data analysis and giving recommendations along the way. After the launch was complete, she gave me a fantastic and thorough data review of the launch that covered what went well and how we can improve for our next launch.”